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Insurance & Private Pay Options

Private Pay Rates

For individuals, couples, or families the rate is

$200 per 50-minute session.

(Read below to see how you might be able to have your insurance plan reimburse you)


Advantages of Private Pay

Paying directly to your provider:

*Allows you to choose which provider is right for you versus conducting a blind search by cold-calling a lengthy list of therapists that may not even fit your needs or have availability

*Ensures ultimate confidentiality and does not involve the maintenance of an insurance record

*Affords you the ability to determine the length of services, number of sessions, and when you deem yourself ready for discharge.


Out-of-Network (OON) Benefits

Insurance can be overwhelming and confusing.  There are several benefits that are not openly advertised by insurance  providers. Most PPO insurance plans and several HMO plans offer the option for clients to utilize their out-of-network benefits to choose a provider without a referral, pay out of pocket, but then get reimbursed for services rendered.    When this is the case, you can see an OON therapist of your selection while also keeping your treatment information private. You will be provided you with a statement, known as a "superbill", that you can file with your insurance company for direct reimbursement. The percentage of reimbursement depends upon your insurance carrier/plan, but some plans provide 100% coverage. (consult your insurance company for your specific plan)

In Network

I currently accept Kaiser Permanente insurance (limited plans).  Please call your insurance carrier to confirm in-network benefits and to discuss applicable co-payment responsibilities. If you do not have Kaiser, you may be able to utilize your OON benefits (see section above).

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